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We provide a range of domestic and commercial electrical services using modern techniques and only the best quality materials

We are here to cater to all your electrical needs and requirements. We are modern thinking electrical contractors in Cardiff, catering to both domestic, Commercial and industrial electrical needs.

We provide 360-degree electrical services in Cardiff, ranging from electrical installation wiring, alterations and improvements, to audiovisual installation, along with periodic testing & inspecting. Our belief is to maintain high standards of services with all our customers.

Electrical Installation

We specialize in installing a range of electrical devices from domestic requirements, to supplies for power stations and machines. We have years of experience in offering the best services and assuring a safe environment. Our team of experts makes sure each project is planned and executed properly and we only deal in A-grade products to ensure high-quality solutions to all our customers.

Electrical wiring

Wiring is a technical job, which requires precision, design and planning to complete the work with perfection. We install in a full range of methods using a variety of cable types and containment to ensure the wiring system is not affected by external or environmental influences, and of course to make every installation as neat and tidy as possible. Wiring a property isn't as simple as it sounds, many things have to be taken into account when planning cable routes to ensure the cables are tidy and not affected by other items and services, this is critical for ensuring the life of the installation. Our experts make sure that the planning and execution are completed perfectly to ensure a satisfactory delivery to each of our valuable clients.


What’s better than watching a movie in a theatre is to have a surround sound audio system installed in your own house. Our team deal with the latest audio-visual systems to offer our customers an experience like no other. We work in collaboration with few of the most renowned audio-visual companies, together aiming to offer our customers an amazing experience with our whole house audio and high-quality visual systems.

Testing & inspecting

Things degrade with time, which also includes the electrical accessories and wiring of a house, shop, office or factory. It is important to understand the importance of inspection and the deadly dangers of faulty/ damaged connections. Electricity can be very dangerous and is completely undetectable without specialist testing equipment. The accessories and devices connected to the wiring system deal with a range of voltages and current and if damaged a person could come into contact with live apparatus, this could lead to serious injury or even death. We, at Oakley Electrical Contractors, aim to check all the connections and devices from time to time with our sophisticated test instruments and inspection team to ensure safe surroundings for our customers. Moreover, faulty connections can be highly frustrating causing nuisance tripping and general disruption. Fault finding can be time-consuming and expensive so we always try and avoid this with regular test intervals and preventive maintenance.

Our years of experience and happy customer base speaks for itself that our services are of the highest of qualities and so are our products. Unlike other electrical companies in Cardiff, we believe in building a long-term relationship with our customers over short-term profits. We are your 24 hour electrician in Cardiff; ready for all your requirements for a domestic electrician in Cardiff and commercial electrician in Cardiff as well as an emergency electrician in Cardiff.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

We can cater for all your electrical installation needs.
We have been trading for over 6 years and have been involved in a whole host of different sites from New Domestic installations to supplies for Machines and Power Stations.

S... Features & Benefits

Electrical Rewiring

Like everything cable and accessories have a recommended life span. Its all dependent on the amount and type of usage but we electricians advise it to be around 30 years with testing and inspection every 10years maximum.

If you don't kno... Features & Benefits

Audio Visual

We install a range of audio visual systems from flat screen TV's to projectors, ceiling mounted remote controlled speaker systems.
5.1 and 7.1 surround sound and whole house entertainment.

We work with brands such as Apple, Bose, Pion... Features & Benefits

Testing & Inspecting

When was the last time you had your electrical installation Tested and Inspected?
You use it every day even when you're away and you've never had it tested??
Do you know that over time cables degrade and terminals loosen - this is a big ... Features & Benefits

LED Quality
LED are the way forward

Audio Visual

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