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It is a owners responsibility to ensure that electrical work being carried out in their home or commercial property is done only by someone with the qualifications, knowledge, skill, and experience to do so while avoiding any danger to themselves and the others. That being said, the Government has laid down some extremely stringent regulations for electrical wiring and changes being done inside a property. It is not only required for the property owners to ensure that the work is being done by a registered electrician, they are also required to have a BS7671 electrical safety certificate for every change done and in some cases, the work also has to be certified in accordance with PART-P and registered with the local Building Regulations Department. The BS7671 certificate acts as proof that every electrical alteration and connection inside the property is in compliance with the code accepted by the council. With Oakley Electrical Contractors, you will get a full certificate for every piece of work carried out. You can also get an Electrical Installation Condition Report if you are curious about the condition of the wiring system at your home or business premises. After which, we will provide guidance for you to improve your system to bring it in line with the latest standards.

An electrical safety inspection is not just necessary for the certificate. It is necessary to ensure that the environment inside a property is not a threat to the people that are present. That being said, whether you live in your own home or business premises, or are a tenant, or are a landlord, keeping the electrical system of the property you are responsible tested and certified is extremely important. Moreover, this is not something that can be done by you. Only a true professional, that has been trained to safely inspect and repair electrical systems is authorized to perform such inspections. Oakley Electrical Contactors are proud to be registered and Fully Approved Contractors of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC), so you get the expertise of a trained professional, along with a genuine NICEIC electrical safety certificate, at an affordable price. Our electricians work to the UK national safety standard and will provide you with a 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671 certificate which also confirms that their work has been designed, inspected and tested in line with that standard.

A professional electrician brings you complete peace of mind. Being trained professionals registered with the UK government, all electricians associated with Oakley Electrical Contractors are required to maintain quality standards such that all their work meets security standards set by the Government, and is designed to protect people from fires and electrical shocks. Moreover, the NICEIC BS7671 certificate that is provided at the end of a job is a necessity for all landlords and homeowners. If the certificate is found to be outdated or missing and an incident should occur, the landlord will be held liable for not taking the appropriate care and precautions. Don’t take any kind of risk with your safety and obtain a quote for BS7671 electrical safety certificate from Oakley Electrical Contractors right away.

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