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Commercial Outdoor Led Lighting

Save Energy with LED Lighting Solutions

LED or Light Emitting Diode is the new age of lighting. Unlike CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) of recent years, LED uses even less energy to produce a better level of light and what’s more- the full level of light is instantaneous i.e. you do not have to wait for it to warm up.

The nature of the LED has no moving parts, making it maintenance-free along with very long guarantees- up to 10 years in some cases. We, at Oakley Electrical Contractors, believe that LED is the future for sustainable lighting because of its high light emission with low energy consumption.

The initial outlay is often more than with other forms of lighting but with the reduced energy consumption coupled with being maintenance-free, you can see a payback period of as little as 18 months, especially in Commercial applications. The commercial outdoor LED lighting market is growing at a faster pace because of its amazing benefits and uses.

The Image you can see is a 30W LED flood light, which is the equivalent of a 450W Halogen flood light, so you can imagine the cost saving of having this switched-on all evening while the guests are entertaining the garden as well as keeping the Industrial premises illuminated for security. There are other uses of commercial LED outdoor lighting such as sports’ matches, keeping the streets illuminated at minimum costs and whatnot.

They are available in different colours of light too, we call them light temperatures as it is measured in Kelvins. So gone are the days of all LED’s being a very blueish light. You can now have what we call warm white which is almost identical to a halogen lamp. If you do like the crisp white/blueish light then you can opt for Cool White or Day White, the choice is all yours.

Benefits to You

We will advise you on the best Lights options for your particular Lighting requirements

You get products you can rely on; built with quality and long guarantees

Low energy consumption means low running costs

Maintenance-free also reduces long-term costs

Different light colours for different applications

Easy to recycle products unlike CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) Features & Benefits

Energy Efficiency - Save Money
Saving energy = saving money, it's a simple equation. Using energy efficient lamps, and turning the lights off when a room is empty, unplugging phone chargers when not in use, not leaving your TV on standby, filling the kettle to only the amount of water required, all contribute. Check out our lighting services page for more information about low energy lighting, particularly LED lighting.

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