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Energy Efficient Options | Electrician in Cardiff, Newport and South Wales

We provide a range of Energy Efficiency & Solar solutions using modern techniques and only the best quality materials. Select one of the options below to find out more about a particular service, or alternatively call us on 0808 198 9376.

Commercial Outdoor Led Lighting

Save Energy with LED Lighting Solutions

LED or Light Emitting Diode is the new age of lighting. Unlike CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) of recent years, LED uses even less energy to produce a better level of light and what’s more- the full... Features & Benefits

Energy Efficiency - Save Money
Saving energy = saving money, it's a simple equation. Using energy efficient lamps, and turning the lights off when a room is empty, unplugging phone chargers when not in use, not leaving your TV on standby, filling the kettle to only the amount of water required, all contribute. Check out our lighting services page for more information about low energy lighting, particularly LED lighting.

Low Energy Lighting
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