Priory Talocher School, Wonastow, Monmouth

Talocher School - Complete Commercial Installation

Newbuild - New Supply - Wired from start to finish

We were approached by Priory group to tender for the electrical installation for the school being constructed by Celtic Properties. Although both myself and Celtic Properties were aware of each other's companies, this was the first time we had done business together.

It was a new build school with multiple rooms, offices, therapy rooms, kitchens, washrooms and a sports hall. We won the contract and started on the sports hall, the total build of this part of the project was to only take 4 weeks which meant we had to get in and out around the other trades and complete our aspects within 5 days, a deadline we delivered with time to spare and no snagging to follow.
We installed steel box trunking containment followed by LSOH cable, high power LED Floodlights to illuminate the area and Infrared heaters to heat it. We also installed window actuators on high-level windows for the warmer days.

The next phase started a month later for us and was all the offices, kitchens, washrooms etc. We carried out a full installation of 3 phase and single phase power and distribution as well as the full data infrastructure.

Again we used LSOH cable for both the power and data, all the lighting was low energy LED. We provided the patch panels in the comms room and terminated all 76 of the data cables at either end.

The whole installation was tested prior to being energised and then live testing was carried out once energised. The installation test results were recorded using our digital software system supplied by the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors).

This phase of the project was again completed by the deadline with time to spare (including extras) and following handover there was zero snagging for us to pick up.

We as a company really focus on quality; quality of materials used, quality of the service provided and quality of customer experience, always striving for "right first time every time".

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