Electrical Rewiring

Electrical Rewiring Services in Cardiff, Newport and South Wales

Complete or partial rewiring of domestic, commercial, and industrial properties

How safe are you?

Did you know that your fuse box / consumer unit is the only thing making a difference between an electric shock / fire and a fatal electric shock / fire

These safety device are your life line when something goes wrong, if you are unsure what you have in place have us round to check it?

Cables degrade over time primarily due to changes in the polymers used for insulation and sheathing. The main cause of polymer degradation is too much heat, from either excessive current loading or from the environment - such as heated spaces. Cables loaded or heated for 24 hours a day will degrade faster than those used only during working hours – for example, commercial lighting circuits are often operated continuously.

Cables mounted or used outdoors are prone to very rapid degradation by UV exposure, so it is important that a type recommended for outdoor use is employed.

When deciding whether cable should be replaced during a refurbishment, installers and end users should not just look at the cable as it is now, but consider the possibility of degradation and failure in the period before it is next likely to be assessed, which might be another 10 years. If a major refurbishment is underway it may be less disruptive to replace cables now, rather than take the risk. - BASEC British Approvals Service For Cables

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