Energy & Efficiency

Energy & Efficiency

We can implement automated solutions for nearly all energy using items in your Home or Work Environment, to reduce running costs and maintenance.

Have you ever returned from a trip to a cold home or left the office earlier than expected? No problem, you go online and adjust the thermostat to preheat your home. After dinner, you load the dishwasher and it decides the best time to run based on the availability of renewable energy and cost. On your way to work the next morning, you forget to lock the house and turn off the lights but you pull out your smart device and - problem solved.

After years of hype, home control and automation products are gaining speed, enabling these types of scenarios in what marketers call the smart home. The most dramatic validation of this trend was Google's $3.2bn acquisition on 13 January of startup Nest, which makes a thermostat and smoke detector that are connected wirelessly to a home network. Given that Google is often a technology trendsetter, the move will likely accelerate the development of smart home technologies. -

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Time your hot water on off periods

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