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Smoke Alarm Installation

Installing a smoke alarm at your property is an absolute necessity. Not only is it needed for your personal safety, there are laws that have made smoke alarms compulsory throughout England and Wales and the responsibility is on the Landlord.

Even in the case of landlords of rented properties, the council has made it clear that they are responsible for installing separate smoke alarms on each of the floors of their rented properties. Its not common knowledge that selection and position of the detectors is crucial, you could pay out for the most expensive detectors on the market but if they are sighted incorrectly they will be useless. This is why all of our engineers are trained to the latest standards.

Whether it is where you live, or a rented property owned by you, the easiest and most efficient way for landlord smoke alarm installation and maintenance is through professionals, such as Oakley Electrical Contractors.

Landlord Smoke & Fire Alarms

Here at Oakley Electrical Contractors, we take fire alarms very seriously. That’s why, we work with industry leaders in mains fed, battery backup interlinked Smoke and CO detectors, AICO. We don’t just offer a professional installation job but offer the complete maintenance package with our services. This means, when you choose Oakley Electrical Contractors, you get the most advanced smoke and CO detectors for your property, along with a complete system design, and a commitment to annual testing and servicing of the system.

Add to that the experience of qualified and licensed professionals working towards the safety of your property and its occupants, you are assured of complete peace of mind. If all that was not enough, knowing that all our services come completely insured should be more than enough to put your mind at ease.

In many cases, landlords, for one reason or another, end up ignoring the fire safety standards of their rented properties. While this was just an irresponsible mistake a few years ago, the Government in 2015, announced a fine of up to £5,000 on landlords that fail to comply with the new laws for fire safety for landlords. That being said, maintaining safety standards has become an integral part of the responsibilities of a landlord.

With professionals like Oakley Electrical Contractors, you can do that with complete peace of mind. With our professional expertise on your side, along with years of experience keeping numerous properties safe, you can be assured of complete reliability. We believe fire safety is not a service, but a responsibility. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on our smoke and CO detection systems, and their installation.

Domestic Alarms

We work closely with Aico for Domestic installations. They are the industry leader in Mains fed, battery backup interlinked Smoke and CO detectors.

"How high on your list is keeping your tenants safe from Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO)? Ignoring this could mean you get a fine, sent to prison or even worse have the death of a person on your conscience.

The answer's simple – fit Smoke and CO alarms.

Part of the Duty of Care you have to the people living in your property means giving them the earliest possible warning of Fire and CO to enable them to escape and take appropriate action.


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