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Electrical Installation Condition Report | Cardiff, Newport and South Wales

When was the last time you had your electrical installation Tested and Inspected?
You use it every day even when you're away and you've never had it tested??
Do you know that over time cables degrade and terminals loosen - this is a big cause of fire

What an EICR entails

During an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) we carry out tests on every circuit and record the results analysing them as we go. We count the number of outlets on each circuit and make note on the type and size of the cable used. We remove some of the accessories for inspection, this is called sampling. From all of this we prepare the final report which includes observations and recommendation of items which caught our attention


Frequency of Tests

Domestic 5 - 10 Years or change of occupancy

Commercial 3 - 5 Years or change of occupancy

Industrial 3 Years or change of occupancy

Public 1 - 3 Years

Construction sites 3 Months


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