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Electrical Installation Condition Inspection Safety Report Cardiff, Newport and South Wales

If you have to struggle to recall the last time you had your electrical installation inspected, you are running the risk of electrical breakdown in your building.

If you have never had it tested since the time it was first installed, better do it now. Electrical cables tend to deteriorate over time and terminals may loosen a bit – which is enough to spark electrical fire.

What an EICR entails

Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

To create a detailed Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report, we carry out tests on every circuit and record the results, analyzing them as we go. We count the number of outlets on each circuit and make note on the type and size of the cable used. We remove some of the accessories for inspection, this is called sampling. From all of this we prepare the final report, which includes observations and recommendation of items which caught our attention or failed tests.

Electrical Condition Report

It takes just one phone call to Oakley Electrical Contractors Limited to get a detailed electrical inspection done on your property. We use advanced testing equipment to make sure the electrical condition report is highly accurate. The report will be presented in an easy-to-understand NICEIC industry stadardised certificate.

Regular electrical safety inspections of your property keeps you, you employees and your family protected against any kind of electrical hazard. Here's the recommended frequency of tests for different building types:


Frequency of Tests

Domestic 5 - 10 Years or change of occupancy

Commercial 3 - 5 Years or change of occupancy

Industrial 3 Years or change of occupancy

Public 1 - 3 Years

Construction sites 3 Months


For professional electrical condition report, feel free to get in touch with Oakley Electrical Contractors Limited via a phone call or fill out our online form in the Contact section to request a no-obligation quote.

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