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Electrical contractors in Newport

NICEIC Electrician

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, also known as NICEIC, is an organisation that regulates the training and work of electrical enterprises in the UK. Government approval is given to NICEIC to oversee electrical work within the electrical industry and while there are a number of other organisations, the NICEIC lead the way and is held in the highest regard.

NICEIC assesses the competence of the electrical service provider by reviewing their work, inspecting the equipment, checking the documentation, and assessing the qualifications and skills of the staff. If NICEIC is convinced, after due diligence, that the electrical service provider meets the quality and safety standards set by them, it is added to the list of NICEIC approved contractors.

We, at Oakley Electrical Contractors, are NICEIC registered electricians with the Approved Contractor status. This means that all members of our team are highly qualified and regularly trained to carry out electrical work that is compliant with standards and regulations set by the NICEIC. The team members regularly update themselves on the latest technology, equipment and safety standards through resources and support provided by NICEIC. A regular reassessment by NICEIC ensures continued compliance with their standards.

NICEIC Registered Electrical Contractors

Electrical disasters are some of the worst, and it is important that electrical contractors who carry out electrical work in your property are experienced, skilled and diligent. There is not much room for mistakes in electrical work. All the material used in wiring, installations or fittings has to meet the British standards, and the work carried out has to adhere to safety standards set by NICEIC.

How do you make sure that you are hiring contractors who are trained and qualified? Well, it is not that tough! You look for the NICEIC approved badge on their website. Since many contractors falsely claim to be NICEIC approved, it is advised to cross check their names on the official website of NICEIC. This will ensure you are delegating your electrical work to trusted electrical contractors.

We take pride in the fact that we are NICEIC registered electrical contractors. We undertake electrical work in your property in accordance with the safety standards and regulations set by NICEIC. Hiring such a contractor gives you peace of mind and you are assured that electrical work would be carried out by competent electricians and the work would be free of faults or defects.

Give us a call today to delegate your electrical work to NICEIC registered electricians and be stress free!

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New or Existing Installation Experts

We are a solution provider for all electrical contracting needs. We focus on providing the right advice and ideas that lead to improvements in system usage and efficiency. We can implement solutions to cut running costs and limit reactive maintenance. If you're looking for an electrical contractor that puts excellence and quality above all else, please get in touch today.