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Electrical contractors in Newport

Landlord Electrical Certificate

If you are a landlord, it is important that you provide for the safety of your tenants. It is already a requirement in some places that every property should be tested every 5 years or with every change of tenant and the government is pushing for this to be nationwide. There are things that you cannot control, once the tenant has taken over, but the things that you can control, it is wise to take necessary steps in that direction. Having tenants in your property and providing for their safety can be quite stressful, and the only way to cope up with that is to have a landlord electrical certificate

A landlord electrical certificate shows that the electrical system has been checked, your property is compliant with the regulations laid by the IET and British Standards and is safe for your tenants. Adhering to the codes, standards and regulations set out is important, and the certificate proves that you have taken necessary steps.

Electrical Safety Certificate UK

Having an electrical safety certificate in the UK saves you many troubles in the future. Firstly, without a certificate, your insurance company might not cover you, in case something happens. So having a certificate gives you an extra layer of protection. Secondly, in the process of getting a certificate, your electrical system is checked thoroughly by experts, which helps in giving you a checkup on any faults or defects, that would have posed risks later.

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Electrical Inspection Certificate

It is advised that being a landlord you should get your property checked every 3-5 years or on a change of tenancy, whichever comes first. You can then obtain an electrical installation condition report.

Why Choose Us For Electrical Certifications?

We have been providing Landlord Electrical Certificates to many landlords and on behalf of many estate agents for years now. Our team is trained and certified to conduct examinations of electrical systems and provide detailed reports of the observations. They use the latest calibrated testing equipment and are well educated with standards set by the IET and british Standards. 

After a thorough inspection of the electrical system has been conducted, a detailed report, known as Electrical Installation Condition Report, is provided to the owner. If any faults, defects, damage or non-compliance is noticed and given a code of severity, those are highlighted in the report. Depending on the level of satisfaction of the examiner, remedial work may be advised and a quote for which will follow. 

Give us a call today to obtain your landlord electrical certificate!

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We are a solution provider for all electrical contracting needs. We focus on providing the right advice and ideas that lead to improvements in system usage and efficiency. We can implement solutions to cut running costs and limit reactive maintenance. If you're looking for an electrical contractor that puts excellence and quality above all else, please get in touch today.